Experience Scotland DMC Presents: Scotland, a Must-See Destination in 2017

Scotland has been voted second in a list of the world’s top 10 countries to visit in 2017 by the online travel site roughguides.com.

With only India placed above, Scotland occupies a privileged position in this elite list, with Canada, Uganda, and Bolivia making up the top 5.


Indeed, the reasons behind Scotland’s ascension among tourism’s connoisseurs are numerous: the traditional staples of Scottish tourism like the world-famous whisky industry and the breath-taking landscapes found across the nation’s often rugged countryside remain attractive for tourists. But the strength of Scotland’s iconographical image has not bred complacency. Rough Guides cites the newly developed North Coast 500 road-trip route – often dubbed ‘Scotland’s Route 66’ – as well as Glasgow’s emerging status as the country’s gastronomical capital, as further motivation to visit Scotland.


Turning to more practical considerations, it has never been easier to get to Scotland from Europe and beyond. Accessibility has been an area of intense development, and particularly so for Edinburgh Airport, who are nearing the end of a £50m expansion.

In addition to the frequency of affordable flights to Scotland from the UK and Europe, Edinburgh Airport has channelled its investment towards its overseas operations, with a keen eye towards establishing strong links between Scottish and American airports. There now exist a number of airlines flying direct from Scotland to the United States on a regular basis.


Scotland is unique destination for tourists, combining the most beautifully remote, panoramic scenery with all of the vibrancy and innovation of city life. Nothing demonstrates this better than the video below, produced by Rough Guides, detailing why Scotland has become such an attractive destination for tourists worldwide:



For more information concerning your thoughts of visiting Scotland feel free to contact your favourite DMC at enquiries@experiencescotland.co.uk

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Rest and be thankful - Highlands - Scotland


By: Experience Scotland – Destination Management Company


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