Edinburgh’s Gastronomical Renaissance

Renown French newspaper Le Monde has praised the quality of Edinburgh’s restaurants in a lengthy piece published in its cultural offshoot, M le Mag. Debunking common misconceptions around Scottish cuisine, the author points out that outside of London, Edinburgh is home to the most Michelin-star restaurants in the UK.

Indeed, the city’s growing potential is outlined by reputable French chef Jérome Henry, who has just opened his own restaurant in the Scottish capital, Le Roi Fou on Forth Street. Henry, who was once head chef at the prestigious Mosimann’s Private Dining Club in London, declares that the city is fast becoming one of the most ‘dynamic’ centres of gastronomy in Europe. A number of household names are cited, such as Leith’s The Kitchin by Tom Kitchin and Martin Wishart’s Restaurant Martin Wishart. Attention is equally paid to the recent development of St Andrew Square, which has seen the opening of such names as The Ivy, Dishoom, Vapiano, Gaucho, and The Refinery.

But it’s not just Edinburgh that’s making waves on the global food scene. Food and drink has always been an important part of Scotland’s tourist package, with a marked emphasis on the whisky variety of the latter. The growth of Scotland’s gastronomical sector – with the development of the so-called ‘gin trail’, the rise in popularity of microbreweries, and the increased sales of Scottish fish to European countries – will please tourism bosses who, since 2015, have highlighted food and drink as a target for growth.

Experiencing Scottish cuisine is also integral to the incentives and trips which Experience Scotland organises. This year, our team arranged for a surprise cookery demonstration of freshly-caught Pollack by a kilted chef for twenty Chinese VIPs on Durness Beach, while a recent fam trip with Destinations saw guests sampling a diverse range of dishes, many of which blended traditional Scottish cuisine with more contemporary culinary tastes.

Image: WalkersSk, Creative Commons (Edinburgh seen from Regent Road)