2017 ‘greenest year ever’

The National Grid has hailed 2017 as the ‘greenest year ever’ as it revealed figures showing the UK broke 13 clean energy records across the course of the year.

As the UK’s greenest DMC, the news is welcomed by Experience Scotland as a sign that the fight to protect our environment is beginning to take shape. June marked the first time that wind, nuclear, and solar power generated more power than coal and gas combined, while in April the UK was able to generate enough power without using any coal for a full 24 hours for the first time since the Industrial Revolution.

There was further encouragement in another report released by MyGridGB. Figures revealed that British wind farms produced more electricity than coal plants for 75% of the year. It also found that renewable energy sources produced more power than coal for 90% of 2017.

For Scotland, too, 2017 proved to be a breakthrough year for the transition away from traditional energy sources. The year saw two notable developments in particular: the opening of the world’s first floating wind farm and the government’s commitment to ensuring that renewable energy constitutes 50% of Scotland’s energy by 2030.

There are further plans in place for expansion of Scotland’s renewable energy programme. In the Outer Moray Firth, the £2.6bn Beatrice project is already underway, with a focus on the development of hydrogen energy and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS).

Let us hope that the progress shown by Scotland and the UK is built upon as we move into 2018.

Image: Windmills and Ailsa Craig – John. R/ Wikimedia Commons


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